"MONTHLY MANNA" -The Word of the Lord
"MONTHLY MANNA" -The Word of the Lord
HAPPY NEW "EAR!" Hear the Word of the Lord With a New Perspective 2016 - The Year of The Sentinels! Nov. 2016 Ignite and Increase Your Influence in the Seven Mountains of Culture!
                       HAPPY NEW "EAR!"Hear the Word of the Lord With a New Perspective             2016 - The Year of The Sentinels!                               Nov. 2016      Ignite and Increase Your Influence in the                Seven Mountains of Culture!

  The SCOPEVision Group is a Blue Diamond Resource Group Member!

Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is the President/Founder of Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network, The Blue Diamond Resource Group and The SCOPEVision Group. He is also President of Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance (KCIA).


His 30 year background in Public Safety and Executive Level Leadership in government and emergency services has prepared him for this assignment. He also serves on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Public Policy Committee for the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce and on various other boards and committees.


He has developed prophetic training programs and mentored, developed and deployed countless numbers of prophetic people and organizations in the United States and abroad over his 42 year career in ministry. The prophetic ministry has always been near to his heart over the years as God taught him the nature, character and function of the prophet with integrity. 


He developed the SCOPEVision Group (The Strategic Company of Prophetic Engineers) to fill a void that was common in prophetic ministry by converging a culturally diverse and well trained spectrum of prophetic voices. They are a cross section of business persons, musicians, public safety officers, administrators, business men and women, ministers, community developers and internet service and media developers. But they have one thing in common...they hear and know God intimately!


So please enjoy the site and the grace and empowerment that come from "MONTHLY MANNA!"

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"This book breaks important new ground in the growing fields of personal influence, social transformation and spiritual growth. In fact, this is the first book-length treatment of the subject of thrones from a spiritual perspective in history."  Dr. Bruce Cook


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What readers are saying...


"...a training model for any government of the world that wants biblical transformation..."

Dr. Clyde Rivers  - World Peace Ambassador and Special Representative from Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative to the United Nations


"...a revelation so combustible it changes forever how we see the person of God and out stature in Him..."

Dr. Francis Myles - Bestselling author, The Order of Melchizedek


"...I See Thrones! is a much-needed resource and valuable revelation for the body of Christ and an invitation to take our rightful position as kings and priests in the kingdom of Jesus by being seated on our God-given thrones with Christ..."

Philip Tan, CEO

Phil Tan Productions, member- Directors Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Radio Artists


"...I agreed with so much of his approach. He definitely has a revelation in this book along with a powerful teaching gift to bring you into a full throttle pursuit of your Kingdom authority..."

Shawn Bolz - Senior Pastor of Expression58 Church

Los Angeles, California


"... I See Thrones! cuts through cobwebs and confusion and delivers a shakeup to the heart and mind while ushering in encouragement and strength to the spirit. Practical yet powerful applications are delivered through case studies and divinely delivered decrees that accompany each chapter..."

Sher Valenzuela -Vice President, First State Manufacturing

Milford, Delaware


"...This book is a HOW TO diagram for access and a must read for every intentional believer. In all my Christian walk I have never read a book that impacted me as much as this book..."

Pamela Ferguson - President - Kingdom Ready Equipping Ministries

Director, Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers of Oregon

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho


"...Dr. Gordon Bradshaw is that kind of apostolic vanguard leader whose incredible book, I See Throne! Igniting and Increasing Your Influence in the Seven Mountains of Culture, powerfully takes the Seven Mountain Mandate message to a new place of revelation and understanding that will greatly contribute to the movement's growth in wisdom and stature..."

Axel Sippach - Founder & Presiding Apostle

EPIC Global Network

Seabeck, Washington


"...Rarely does a book reach out and touch your heart and life within the first few pages; I See Thrones! does exactly that.The words leap from the pages with anointing and placement within the Kingdom of God for this generation of leaders..."

Danny J. Dean - Chief Operating Officer, SunTracker North West LLC

Founder and Apostle of Oregon School of the Prophets D.B.A. West Gate Gathering

Yakima, Washington


"...Dr. Bradshaw has unmasked one of satan's most dastardly schemes: relegating promises meant for the present as only accesible in some future state, be it in the Millenium or even Heaven. In falling for this lie, the Church has tolerated powerlessness and accepted weaknesss and subservience to earthly "rulers" over the Seven Mountains of Culture. When you open this book, your eyes will be opened to see the throne for which you have been uniquely prepared to sit and accept your destiny as a co-regent with Christ in fulfillment of the scriptures..."

Rev. Kevin A. Graves - President - Target Ministries

Singapore, Singapore


"...In I See Thrones! Dr. Bradshaw shows us a room of empty thrones waiting for you to take our God-given places of authority. He then takes us on a journey that not only leads to our ascension to these "thrones" by the King of kings, but also gives us our assignments of "lordship" by the Lord of lords. So read I See Thrones! and take courage because your increase is closer than you think!"

Dr. Timothy Hamon, Ph.D. - CEO, Christian International Ministries Network

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


"...It's obvious Dr. Bradshaw has spent long hours on the mountaintop seated at the feet of the teacher. He eloquently states: we are called to reinstate the balanced, civil, righteous, and wise influence that Jesus would, if He were in our place. The only way we can respond to this call is to know the throne to which we are called. Thank you Dr. Bradshaw - I've heard your teaching on this subject, but reading it, swishing the words around in my mouth, meditating on it, takes it to a whole new level. BRAVO, my friend.

Dr. Gayle Rogers - President/Founder, Forever Free, Inc.

Network Leader, Apostolic Coaching for Empowerment

Author, Healing the Traumatized Soul, and The Whole Soul

Dana Point, California


"Dr. Bradshaw has a firm grasp of what is required to defeat the Kingdom of Babylon that has dominated the marketplace for thousands of years, and replace it with the Kingdom of God. It is immensely refreshing to find work that addresses the reality of the marketplace and I commend Dr. Bradshaw for the great job he has done with I See Thrones!"

Dave Hodgson - CEO, Paladin Corporation

Founder and Leader of Kingdom Investors

Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia


"As I started to read I See Thrones! I went from chapter to chapter with great revelation and anticipation of what the next chapter would reveal. Deep in my heart I have been seeking out the matter of Thrones and how does it apply to our life in Christ. Dr. Bradshaw's deep practical revelation on walking out our God-given authority and responsibility in the Kingdom is clearly explained. If you want to see the Kingdom come in Earth as it is in heaven, as many do, then I recommend making this book your friend."

Al Caperna - Chairman, CMC Group

Director of Call2Business

Bowling Gree, Ohio












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