"MONTHLY MANNA" -The Word of the Lord
"MONTHLY MANNA" -The Word of the Lord
HAPPY NEW "EAR!" Hear the Word of the Lord With a New Perspective 2016 - The Year of The Sentinels! Nov. 2016 Ignite and Increase Your Influence in the Seven Mountains of Culture!
                       HAPPY NEW "EAR!"Hear the Word of the Lord With a New Perspective             2016 - The Year of The Sentinels!                               Nov. 2016      Ignite and Increase Your Influence in the                Seven Mountains of Culture!

  The SCOPEVision Group is a Blue Diamond Resource Group Member!

Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is the President/Founder of Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network, The Blue Diamond Resource Group and The SCOPEVision Group. He is also President of Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance (KCIA).


His 30 year background in Public Safety and Executive Level Leadership in government and emergency services has prepared him for this assignment. He also serves on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Public Policy Committee for the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce and on various other boards and committees.


He has developed prophetic training programs and mentored, developed and deployed countless numbers of prophetic people and organizations in the United States and abroad over his 42 year career in ministry. The prophetic ministry has always been near to his heart over the years as God taught him the nature, character and function of the prophet with integrity. 


He developed the SCOPEVision Group (The Strategic Company of Prophetic Engineers) to fill a void that was common in prophetic ministry by converging a culturally diverse and well trained spectrum of prophetic voices. They are a cross section of business persons, musicians, public safety officers, administrators, business men and women, ministers, community developers and internet service and media developers. But they have one thing in common...they hear and know God intimately!


So please enjoy the site and the grace and empowerment that come from "MONTHLY MANNA!"

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 "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: MY TONGUE IS THE PEN OF A READY WRITER."

Psalm 45:1



"MONTHLY MANNA," the Word of the Lord... is provided each month by The SCOPEVision Group.


Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader in prophetic ministry. With a combined total of over 150 years experience, our group is well versed in hearing and releasing the Rhema Word of God. At Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network, the SCOPEVision Group makes it their mission to deliver "on-time" and accurate words that are relevant to the needs of today.


Here, each month, you'll find things that are on the heart and mind of God about the issues that face our society, our nations and our planet. We'll also feature articles from the various publications of our prophetic group members and special revelations about God's movements in the earth. We need to know "what is the mind  of the Lord" concerning the welfare of our world. 


The spirit of the sons of Issachar is upon us...


"And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do."  

1 Chr. 12:32




Powered by "X-Stream" Prophetics, we serve the Kingdom of God with diligence and determination... to help you come into your destiny and purpose as He sees fit!






Apostle Curtis Gillespie - Vice President Training/Development






Apostle Dr. Bruce Cook -  Vice President - Marketplace Operations







Apostle Dr. Sylvester Brinson III

Director of Biblical Protocol

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