"MONTHLY MANNA" -The Word of the Lord
"MONTHLY MANNA" -The Word of the Lord
HAPPY NEW "EAR!" Hear the Word of the Lord With a New Perspective 2016 - The Year of The Sentinels! Nov. 2016 Ignite and Increase Your Influence in the Seven Mountains of Culture!
                       HAPPY NEW "EAR!"Hear the Word of the Lord With a New Perspective             2016 - The Year of The Sentinels!                               Nov. 2016      Ignite and Increase Your Influence in the                Seven Mountains of Culture!

  The SCOPEVision Group is a Blue Diamond Resource Group Member!

Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is the President/Founder of Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network, The Blue Diamond Resource Group and The SCOPEVision Group. He is also President of Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance (KCIA).


His 30 year background in Public Safety and Executive Level Leadership in government and emergency services has prepared him for this assignment. He also serves on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Public Policy Committee for the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce and on various other boards and committees.


He has developed prophetic training programs and mentored, developed and deployed countless numbers of prophetic people and organizations in the United States and abroad over his 42 year career in ministry. The prophetic ministry has always been near to his heart over the years as God taught him the nature, character and function of the prophet with integrity. 


He developed the SCOPEVision Group (The Strategic Company of Prophetic Engineers) to fill a void that was common in prophetic ministry by converging a culturally diverse and well trained spectrum of prophetic voices. They are a cross section of business persons, musicians, public safety officers, administrators, business men and women, ministers, community developers and internet service and media developers. But they have one thing in common...they hear and know God intimately!


So please enjoy the site and the grace and empowerment that come from "MONTHLY MANNA!"

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Community Civility Counts



The Public Policy Committee of the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce spearheaded the Community Civility Counts (CCC) Initiative and partnered with The Times Media Company for the launch of a regional campaign on Wednesday April 22, 2015. The idea behind the initiative came together after the Chamber’s Public Policy Committee discussions centered on making a positive impact in Gary and surrounding communities. Executive Director Chuck Hughes coined the phrase “Community Civility Counts” and provided T-Shirts with the new Community Civility Counts logo and slogan, “Together We Win,” which was formatted by Public Policy Committee Chair Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw. The Times Executive Editor Bob Heisse and Publisher Chris White offered the support of the Times Media Company, and gave the initiative even greater impact by printing posters and stickers and by offering a civility hashtag on the bottom of the logo. The Times launched a drawing and essay contest for everyone to have the chance to participate in going forward with this great initiative.



The Mission of Community Civility Counts


As we witness incidents of disrespect, discourtesy, intolerance, bullying and violence in all of our communities, we see the need to raise the conscious level of everyone and those from every walk of life. Whether in politics, business, education or our personal lives, we can be better. We must be better in order to live in a civil manner and in a civilized society. We are requesting your presence and your support as we unveil a logo and launch a campaign that is vital to the well -being of everyone. In conclusion, we want to launch an awareness campaign that is essential and would remind everyone about civility, and about treating each other right. The logo design reflects the fact that if we connect and run the race together, we all win, no matter who comes in first place. We are offering everyone the chance to move forward on this initiative. Anyone can use the logo and slogan because “Together We Win!”


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For more information on this campaign, visit the Civility Counts Facebook page at www.facebook.com/civilitycounts.


Spread the word by sharing uplifting anecdotes and observations about civility on social media, using #CivilityCounts hashtag.


Like CCC on Facebook: www.facebook.com/civilitycounts

Visit The Northwest Indiana Times Media Company at: Nwi.com/civilitycounts








Charles "Chuck" Hughes - Executive Director, Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

and Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers




Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw - Chairman, Public Policy Committee and Member - Board of Directors

Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

with Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers


Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, President and Founder of IChange Nations acknowledges the Community Civility Counts Initiative as a message that needs to reach the world. Ambassador Rivers commented, “IChange Nations will carry the message of Community Civility Counts to the nations of the Golden Rule Global Network. We plan to adopt and endorse this movement as one of the frontline plans to help humanity.”

Charles Hughes and Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw have worked together in the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce to create the Community Civility Counts Initiative (CCC). This initiative is designed to create awareness that we can be better in every area of life. Chuck Hughes is the Executive Director of the Gary Chamber and Dr. Bradshaw is a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Public Policy Committee. Chuck Hughes and Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw are on a mission to help transform communities through positive programs and relationships. They are both retired Chief Officers with local fire departments with a combined 64 years of service and have dedicated their lives to helping communities. Both are members of the 3M Project Global Initiative with Dr. Bradshaw serving as Founder and President. They were both recipients of the IChange Nations Distinguished Leadership Medal and Golden Rule International Ambassador appointments for 2015 at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

 A few years ago Chuck was impressed to create public awareness of civility, and in March of 2015 created the heading “Community Civility Counts.” The Public Policy Committee met and Dr. Bradshaw developed the logo and tag line: “Together We Win!” The Northwest Indiana Times Newspaper and Media Group partnered with the Chamber to advance the mission and created a Twitter account, Facebook page, web page and sponsored an essay and drawing contest to encourage students and adults, alike to get on board. Support for this initiative is growing. The team encourages everyone to feel free to use the logo and slogan for T-shirts, posters and stickers. Everyone can help by visiting #civilitycounts on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/civilitycounts, and visit The Northwest Indiana Times Media Company at: Nwi.com/civilitycounts

Some of our supporters Include:

The Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, The Times of Northwest Indiana; Gary, Indiana Community School Corporation, City of Gary Common Council, Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network, Allendale County Transformers – Allendale County, South Carolina; United Nations Ambassador Clyde Rivers and iChange Nations, Southland Ministerial Health Network – Chicago Region, Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw and the 3M Project Global Initiative, Majestic Star Casino - Gary, Indiana; Dr. James Brewton and Community Empowerment Ministries – Allendale, South Carolina, Pastor John McClain and Judah Lionz Kingdom Ministries – Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mentoring Youth Through Technology (MYTT) Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee,;Hope Outreach Ministries International, The Boeing Corporation, Voice of God Ministries - Illinois; Hobart, Indiana Public Schools, Matthew Fleming and Omega Provision – Charlotte, North Carolina; Dr. Bill Manduca and the Vantage Point Group LLC – Jackson, Mississippi; The Boys and Girls Clubs – Northwest Indiana, Lakeshore Public Television, The Crusader Newspaper, The 411 Newspaper, Edgewater Behavioral Health Services, The SCOPEVision Group, Dr. Sylvester Brinson III and the Brinson Institute – Chicago, Illinois; Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce, Pastor Charles Emory – Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church – Gary, Indiana; Pastor Walter Turner – New Spiritual Light Missionary Baptist Church – Chicago, Illinois; Pastor Charles Mickens – Lights of Zion Ministries - Chicago, Illinois; East Chicago, Indiana Mayor Anthony Copeland; Whiting, Indiana Mayor Joseph M. Stahura, Indiana State Senator Earline Rogers (D-Gary), Indiana State Senator Lonnie Randolph (D-East Chicago), The Lake County Council (Indiana), Lake County, Indiana Commissioner Roosevelt Allen, Lake County, Indiana Assessor Jerome Prince; Dr. Bruce Cook – Chairman-Kingdom Congressional Int’l Alliance – Seattle, Washington; Lake County, Indiana Sheriff John Buncich, North Township Trustee Frank Mrvan, The Pierogi Fest – Whiting, Indiana; Dr. Carl L. White Jr. and Victory Christian International Ministries – Markham, Illinois, Russel & Glenisah Stauffer – Alberta Canada; Hammond, Indiana City Council, Dr. Francis Myles & Royal Priesthood Fellowship Church International – Tempe, Arizona; Cary Darnell and Bugs’ Tavern – Gary, Indiana; Gayle Rogers Ph.D. - Forever Free & Coaching for Empowerment – Dana Point, California; The Misrah Academy – Governmental Empowerment Center, Apostle Derrick Shephard & Empowerment Covenant Worldwide Network, Cheryl Fitzpatrick – Director of Operations/Compliance: Community HealthNet, Tiffany Robertson CFO – Community HealthNet, Brian Harvey – Project Director - Horizon

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